Rephasing buckets

Totally customizable single and multiple 2 – 18 tray rephasing buckets, synchronized with the line.

When product is packed on thermoform-fill-seal or tray lidding machines, usually with more than one lane, the transfer system from weigher to the cavities of the packaging machine is crucial in determining line speed.
Therefore MBP offers a wide range of totally customizable single and multiple 2 – 18 tray rephasing buckets that synchronize the two principal elements of the line and optimize output. Hydraulic and servo versions are available, sealed to IP69 for wash-down.

Industrial PC

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Customized Rephasing Buckets

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Customized Rephasing Buckets

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Customized Rephasing Buckets

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Customized Rephasing Buckets

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Customized Rephasing Buckets

Centralized control through a single industrial PC

All functioning logic and managing of brushless motors is carried out by the same industrial PC. Since the PC also manages the weigher, it is possible to display on a single monitor all parameters and recipes both of the multi-head weigher and of the rephasing system below.

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