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The excellent results achieved by MBP in precision weighing of sliced, cubed and finely grated cheese or cheese strips are acknowledged worldwide. The cheese industry requires extremely high standards of hygiene and a special system to prevent friction between the product and the weigher buckets helps product flow to the packaging machine. By combining innovation and the highest levels of technology, MBP has managed to design and create efficient, high quality weighers specifically for this sensitive industry.


The advantages offered by MBP weighers for cheese:

  • Made of AISI 304 steel offering total protection.
  • Systems designed to prevent the friction and abrasion associated with AVI control on the vibrating channels.
  • Extremely fast, easy cleaning and disinfecting of the entire machine: can be completely dismantled in just a few minutes and washed down, even with water jets.
  • Fast, accurate weighing with zero product waste.
  • The machine can be integrated with high-speed packaging machines producing easy open and/or stand-up packs.

Types of product weighable:

  • Shredded cheese
  • Cheese in cubes
  • Grated cheese

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