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Coffee is an easy flowing product but is fragile and dusty and requires delicate handling and perfect preservation in order to maintain its aroma. Coffee can be weighed as beans or when freshly ground: finely ground for espresso machines, coarsely ground for traditional coffee pots. MBP weighers are able to process the different types of this delicate product.


The advantages offered by MBP weighers for coffee:

  • Extremely delicate handling due to the presence of dedicated soft-touch components, systems that reduce drop speed during the weighing and packaging stages and systems for reducing drop height.
  • High degree of protection for the machine against dust provided by construction of components, body and top cover in AISI 304 steel.
  • Product waste reduced to zero
  • No obstruction of the forming tube thanks to the DSC (Drop Sequence Control) system.

Types of product weighable:

  • Coffee beans
  • Ground coffee

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