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Biscuits are difficult to transport because they are extremely fragile, friable and come in a variety of shapes. One type of biscuit may be completely different from another – for example they may be filled, covered in salt or sugar – and therefore require a highly sophisticated and hi-tech weighing system to avoid breakage. MBP weighers are able to handle the many different types of this delicate product.

The advantages offered by MBP weighers for biscuits:

  • Extremely delicate handling due to the presence of dedicated soft-touch components, systems that reduce product drop speed during the weighing and packaging stages and SPECIAL SYSTEMS FOR HANDLING FRAGILE PRODUCTS.
  • High degree of protection for the machine against sugar dust and its abrasive and corrosive effects provided by construction of moving components, body and top cover in AISI 304 steel.
  • Product waste reduced to zero.
  • No obstruction of the forming tube thanks to the DSC (Drop Sequence Control) system.

Types of product weighable:
Filled biscuits
Plain biscuits

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