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Multihead Weighers

Multi-head Weighers

MBP provides a wide range of multihead weighers, from 8 to 24 heads, for the food and non-food industries.

MBP C1 Series

MBP C2 Series

MBP C4 Series

MBP C5 Series

DMA (direct memory access)

Why buy an MBP multi-head weigher?


Packaging equipment manufacturers continue to produce ever faster machines that are more reliable and easier to use. MBP multi-head weighers operate perfectly with form-fill-seal machines, sleevers, and thermoforming and sealing machines, offering a number of advantages:

– Precision: the exceptional weighing accuracy of an MBP multi-head weigher can reduce product giveaway to provide a much faster return on investment than lower quality, less precise weighing systems.
– Flexibility: the principle on which multi-head weighers work, along with MBP’s automatic machine parameter setting systems, provide fast changeovers and eliminate any need for specially trained staff. MBP multi-head weighers therefore adapt to an extremely wide range of duties.

– Fast weighing: 30, 50 up to 300 weighings a minute. MBP’s range of weighers meets every requirement. One weigher can feed two vertical form-fill-seal bagging machines or a thermoform-fill-seal machine processing 12 trays or even more per cycle.

– Zero maintenance and high reliability over time: the maintenance costs of a MBP multi-head weigher are practically zero. The multimedia system of communicating with the outside world allows MBP service technicians access to the weigher whenever necessary.

– Hygiene: MBP weighers are designed to be washed down using water jets. There are no bug traps or parts that may rust. High precision machining and plate metal finish

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