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Sausages and salamis, sliced or cubed meat, meat in chunks, meatballs and mini salamis are all difficult to handle as they are delicate and often sticky. The highest levels of hygiene are required along with extreme weighing precision and high speeds. After years of research and development, MBP has come up with weighers that ensure these products move smoothly along the vibrating channels and the special surfaces of the buckets.


The advantages offered by MBP weighers for meat:

  • Easy to clean and disinfect: can be completely dismantled in just a few minutes and washed.
  • Complete protection of all machine components against ingress of salts and aggressive agents.
  • Precise control of product flow on vibrating channels through the use of AVI and ARC functions, particularly useful for sticky products or those with high moisture content.

Types of product weighable:

  • Sausages and salamis
  • Meat in chunks
  • Meat in cubes
  • Sliced meat
  • Frozen meat
  • Meatballs
  • Sausages
  • Mini salamis
  • Meat strips
  • Frankfurters

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