Bag Styles

PFM packaging machines are capable of producing different types of packages, providing a wide range of cutting-edge solutions that fit any different need and application.

Standard Pillow Bags Vertical

A 3 sealed pillow bag is the most common style pack, and it is used to package a wide variety of products as food items, cosmetics, apparel, and electronics, among other things.

Vertical Gusseted Bags

Gusseted pillow bags are a variation of the traditional pillow bag design, featuring a gusset on each side. It offers a flexible and versatile solution for a wide range of products, providing both protection and visual appeal.

Doy Style Bag

A doy-style bag is a flexible package produced by a horizontal stand-up pouch machine. It features a bottom gusset and a front panel that stands upright, providing excellent shelf appeal and space-saving storage for various products.

Steelo Bag

The Steelo Bag combines the advantages of a stand-up pouch and a side gusseted bag: it has a flat bottom and 4 side seals that allow it to stand upright on the shelf. The Steelo Bag can be equipped with various reclosable features, such as zip or adhesive strips, as well as opening aids.

Block Bottom Bag

A block bottom bag is a flexible package produced by a Vertical Form Fill and Seal machine. It features a rectangular base and side gussets, offering excellent stability and storage efficiency for various products.

Reclosable Bags

This reclosable pack allows you to open and close the pack multiple times, thanks to a special systems like zips, strips and adhesive labels. The reclosable pack is ideal for packaging food and non-food products that need to be consumed in portions or stored for later use. It enhance your brand image, protect your product quality, and reduce waste.


Flex-Can bag is a flexible package designed to mimic the shape and functionality of a rigid can. It features a cylindrical shape, a flat top, and a bottom that can be self-standing or fitted with a base. 

Three Side Seal Bags

This type of packaging is commonly used for products like fresh meat slices, cheese slices, etc.. 
It can also be opened and re-closed, making them a popular choice for products that require frequent access or portioning.

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