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DMA – Direct Memory Access

Multihead Weighers

DMA – Direct Memory Access

Extended Precision Concept



What is DMA?:
DMA is a combinatorial calculation principle for managing the memory buckets which, along with the weighing buckets, enable the most effective weighing combination to be found.
The memory buckets receive the weighed product directly from the weighing buckets.
DMA can be applied to C1, C2 and C4 Series.

DMA perfects the concept of precision:
The number of combinations available increases, which as a result increases accuracy.
The speed/accuracy ratio achieved is a direct result of the number of available combinations.
Using the DMA version, the number of possible combinations increases exponentially by 600 times (10 heads) compared with the 2-level standard version.

Main features and advantages:
The buckets positioned along a vertical axis allow the product to fall directly onto the memory bucket without any obstacles. It is therefore ideal for relatively bulky or difficult to manage products.
The buckets are also available in the double-door version. This solution is also ideal for sticky products.
This version (image 2) breaks the fall preventing product breakage. It is therefore ideal for relatively fragile products.


DMA used on C1 and C2 Series is available in two alternative mechanical configurations.

Memory bucket placed at the end of the chutes; ideal configuration for fragile products.

Memory bucket placed near weighing bucket. Ideal to maximize the flexibility of the weigher.


  • Greater number of combinations = greater accuracy, higher savings
  • Ideal for difficult to manage or bulky products
  • Ideal for fragile products
  • Compact weigher dimensions are preserved

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